The Last Quarter to 2023

The Rochester Fringe Festival was a success. I thoroughly enjoyed working this year with Mr. Keyboard himself, Herb Benge. I am looking forward to pursuing other performances with Herb. Our performances this year were at The Focus Theatre. Some familiar faces who have come to the Fringe every year . Thank you for following me. 

Our year end is completely booked! October is coming to a close. November is actually more busy than past years including a Veterans Day Gala. We are returning to Chapel Oaks for this event. This will be a moving celebration, including the songs of the Great American Songbook along with Patriotic numbers as we honor those who have served our nation.   

December as always is very busy. Holiday performances throughout the month including The Christmas Gala at Heathwood Assisted Living. This event is for residents and their families. We are excited to return to Heathwood for this fabulous evening. 

We are booking for 2024.  Once again we will end the year and return April 1st. Bookings are coming in. Please don't wait to get on our calendar. Performances will be limited.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather! 

Always A Song and A Smile, 

Daniel Henry


It has been much longer than I realized since I have posted. Here we are mid summer and three quarters through the year.  The last two years, we have taken a hiatus from January to the end of March. 

It has been a slow and steady year for us. What had prompted a post at this time is now the last quarter of the year is pretty active. The Great news is I will be performing two nights at The Focus Theatre for The Rochester Fringe Festival this year. I'm excited about our new venue and we will certainly miss Java's Cafe. Also, I am excited to have a live musician to banter with throughout the set.   

At this time, I would like to thank our clients for the year thus far, with recurring bookings throughout 2023. Heather Heights, Crimson Ridge, Ferris Hills at West Lake, Chapel Oaks, Solstice Senior Living, Creekstone, The Legacy at Parklands, Heathwood Assisted Living, and of course The Focus Theatre. 

We hope to see you at The Fringe! September 13th and 14th!

Always A Song and A Smile, 

Daniel Henry


Welcome to DHL Entertainment

The Rochester Fringe Festival 

It's that time of year! Three performances at Java's Cafe! September 13th, September 16th and September 22nd. All performances begin at 7 PM! We hope to see you there! 

It's Summer 

We hope everyone is enjoying our gorgeous weather. We have had a fairly quiet year. A few bookings, private parties, which are always a great time.

Many performers began their year as we did. A bit apprehenvise, not knowing the Covid Climate and they seem to be in the same place as we are. Things have been quiet, very quiet, almost surreal to be frank. Where did everyone go???

We don't quite understand the climate right now. We have spoken with other performers and Lifestyle directors who have moved onto other paths, it seems that our senior centers have greatly reduced their budgets and bookings for many are very slim. We're happy that we're not alone on this island. A drastic turn from years past.

At this time, the only good news we have to share is we have three dates booked for The Rochester Fringe Festival. More information to come!  

We are leaning towards advertising for private parties. What do you think? Let's open up for discussion! The parties we book at this time are from folks who have witnessed a performance at our senior centers and in years past, The Fringe. Seniors just love this music and we love sharing it. I am also looking to establish a group of live musicians in order to perform at small venues, restaurants and possibly be ready for festivals in 2023. Just some thoughts we are having. 

My philosphy for the day is: everything happens for a reason, as our journey slows down on this road, turns will come and possibly open a wider path for us. We keep moving along. My only advice is to always advocate for your senior family members and friends. They deserve to have a joyful and happy life!


Always A Song and A Smile

Daniel Henry


It's amazing that time flies so quickly. It's been almost four months since we have posted. 

As I told you at the end of the year, we decided to take the winter months off due to the Covid Climate. We tried to anticipate what was going to happen and it didn't quite work out the way we expected.

Bookings are coming in, although not as we had anticipated. A lot of what goes into this business is sales. YES! Sales! Cold calls, follow ups, I said, we took the winter off...

Although our expenses are minimal and we are mostly impacted by travel expense, the one major concern that has come up this year that is consistent with the rest of the country and has trickled down even to our senior facilities is inflation.  Everyone is feeling the stress of the economic environment.  We certainly will work with our clients to bring entertainment to our seniors. They look forward to it and they truly need music. It's amazing what music does for them.

We hope spring brings sunshine and flowers into your days!

Always A Song and A Smilte

Daniel Henry



A New Year Is Upon Us 

I was hoping to blog prior to the holiday season, well, that did not happen. December has been extremely busy month as we close our year with 42 performances. With the Covid climate and the challenges to all of our clients and Lifestyle Directors, we certainly consider this a huge success and we thank you!

The fourth quarter of the year was the majority of our performances. It seemed somewhat normal.

The Rochester Fringe Festival was a huge success for us, with three performances booked. Many new faces and quite a few familiar faces of guests who return year after year. This truly humbles me and I very much enjoy creating a new show every year for the Fringe Fest. This year, I recreated Frank Sinatra's last concert as he performed at our very own Rochester War Memorial. We thank Java's Cafe for the compliment of "I have become a tradition"! Thank you Java's, we look forward to returning for the Fringe in 2022! 

Our Holiday Season included a Christmas Celebration at Heathwood Assisted Living and we will be closing 2021 with A New Year's Eve Gala at Ferris Hills in Canandaigua. A two hour concert including a few Broadway tunes. 

At this time, we would like to thank our clients who have effortlessly managed to bring music to their residents. The Villages at Mill Landing, Heather Heights, Chapel Oaks, The Legacy at Erie Station, Fleming Point, Solstice Senior Living, The Legacy at Parklands, Heathwood Assisted Living, Java's Cafe, The Legacy at Clover Blossom, Greece Atria, The Legacy at Fairways, Crimson Ridge Assisted Living, St John's at Briarwood, The Hilton Parma Senior Center, Elder Care of Greece. College Green Apartments, The Legacy at Park Crescent, Ferris Hills of Canandaigua. 

As the Covid Climate continues, we have decided to take the winter months off and return after April 1st. We hope 2022 begins to take the turn and return to normal for everyone. 

We hope you have enjoyed the Holiday Season and we wish you A Very Happy New Year.

Always A Song and A Smile, 

Daniel Henry

The 2021 Rochester Fringe Festival 

Hi again!

With all the excitement of returning to some normalcy, we are happy to announce Daniel's schedule for The Rochester Fringe Festival.

We especially want to thank all of the Fringe Fest committees and sponsors for their hard work to get this festival in place! I am sure, as challenging other years have been, 2021 has been the most challenging and hopefully the most rewarding for all! We will thank Java's Cafe and all the venues in advance for hosting. We appreciate you!

Here you go! Mark your calendars: September 15th, September 21st and September 22nd. All performances at 7PM. Java's Cafe, 16 Gibbs Street in Downtown Rochester, next door to The Eastman School of Music. Please stop and say hello!

The title of this years performance is "And One For The Road" Daniel will be recreating Frank Sinatra's last performance here in Rochester at The War Memorial. Were you there? 

Please see our Facebook page as well; DHL Entertainment

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at The Fringe!


Always A Song and A Smile, 

Daniel Henry


Autumn is upon us 

Happy September!

We hope everyone has enjoyed their summer! As the last quarter of the year approaches, we must say, all things are heading in the right direction. Please everyone, do your part, whatever, that may be.

The gates have opened, we are happy to report that our calendar is at full capacity for the remainder of 2021, with limited availability in the month of November. Bookings for 2022 have begun to come in.  We thank everyone for their patronage!

More good news!!!  The Rochester Fringe Fest!  3 Dates! 7 PM!!! September 15th, the 21st and the 22nd. Java's Cafe,16 Gibbs Street in Downtown Rochester. Java's is located next door to the Eastman School of Music! We hope to see you there! You will not want to miss this performance as Daniel recreates Frank Sinatra's last performance here in Rochester!! Sinatra Fans are going to love this show, especially if they saw him in concert!!!  Please stop and say Hello!

As always, thank you for your continued support. It is very much appreciated.


Always A Song and A Smile, 

Daniel Henry



The Summer Wind 

Which, we have had early in this late Spring Season. The weather has been wonderful. Flowers are planted and growing, roses are blooming and our summer oasis is ready.  Things are heating up! Weather and the calendar! Sounds good to me!

I will say this, our calendar is not at 120 performances as it was last year and of course, I will remind myself that close to 100 of those performances were cancelled. Thank you Covid, but now, it's the world's turn to make it's comeback. We are getting ready.

In the month of May, we had a performance along with an Ice Cream Social! The residents and the staff we so excited, it had been 16 months since we had been there to perform. Just before our Memorial Day weekend, we had a Spring Bash!! Also, a 17 month absencee however, the residents loved their evening! The food smelled delicious, bright spring colors, table linens and flowers!

We started the performance to honor our Veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice. There were some who lost a brother, a son, a spouse....a reminder to all of us that Freedom isn't free... The residents talked about the New Years Eve we were supposed to have with them...Maybe this year!!!

June normally is not a busy performance month due to weddings, graduations, Father's Day...however, nothing is normal we wait. We have a couple of bookings for June, let's wait and see how things come together.

We are vaccinated and many of our clients, their residents are vaccinated, which is leading us down the road of performing again.. Vaccination is an individual choice. Please stay healthy and we hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful summer! 

Always A Song and A Smile

Daniel Henry

Happy Spring! 

I do apologize for not posting in quite sometime. However, as you know, there hasn't been much to post. Actually, we do not have much news to share at this point, however, I thought I would take a moment and say Hello!

Our website continues to be viewed, which is great! Thank you. 

Here is 2021 thus far...Well, Happy Spring, the sun is shining and everyone is healthy! We're off to a great start!

There is promise in the 2021 calendar. Activity Directors are being cautious, apprehensive and most importantly, optimistic! We work very closely with all of our clients.

January and February were silent, we watch, wait and listen. 

We did have one performance on the first day of Spring. Everyone was just so excited to see us. CDC guidelines, temperature checks, social distancing, all in motion. We thank our Lifestyle Directors for all they do.  Without a doubt 2020 and going into 2021 has been a very unpredictable journey.

We have one performance coming up in April and we are very much looking forward to seeing our friends. It has been 15 months since our last visit.

I am optimistic, however, also realistic in my opinion that we will not see much before the summer months. I cannot help but feel that outdoor performances this summer will be the beginning to hopefully a song filled 2021.  

I would say, although very slow, it seems that we are going in the right direction. As things pick up, I promise to blog more often and keep you informed. DHL Entertainment is alive and well!

Stay healthy, enjoy Springtime and let's all together continue to work towards a pandemic free world.

Always A Song and A Smile, 

Daniel Henry


A Thanksgiving Greeting 

As Thanksgiving approaches, we would like to say we hope everyone enjoys their day, whatever you are doing. We are very thankful to all of our clients who have worked so hard this year to bring their residents some sense of normalcy and joy.

We had two performances in November. One was a Veterans Day dinner honoring all who have served in our armed forces. It was a wonderful evening filled with joy and emotion. We thank all who have served.

Our second performance was a Thanksgiving Dinner for some of our seniors. Another enjoyable evening! It looked and smelled absolutely delicious!. Everyone enjoyed their dinner and music selections.Thank you for having us!

December is light on bookings due to the pandemic. We have four performances scheduled including a New Years Eve Celebration. All others have been cancelled. Usually December is a very busy time for us. We are very flexible with our clients and completely understand that this may change. We hope to be able to bring some holiday cheer!

We all have so much to be thankful for. Many blessings to all as we move towards the end of 2020.

Always A Song and A Smile

Daniel Henry 

Autumn has arrived! 

We haven't posted in quite sometime. We hope everyone is staying healthy and practicing all CDC guidelines! We had a marvelous summer weather wise, However, now, there is a crispness in the air and the leaves are falling. 

There is not much to tell you, other than the majority of performances due to Covid have been cancelled. We had three in September, two were outdoor concerts. Both were beautiful days and the weather certainly cooperated. We just updated our October calendar, and we have one indoor performance that as of today will still take place.  

Speaking with many of our clients, there is not much optimism going into the rest of the year. Usually by this time, our calendar is booked for the following year. We will not be addressing bookings for 2021 until January and we will see what the Covid climate is at that time. February is usually jam packed with Valentine Day celebrations.

For so many, It is going to take time to recover from the impact  due to Covid. We miss all of our senior friends and their families. We have lost many since March and didn't get to see them and hug them one last time. This makes us so very sad.

Please stay healthy and be cautious in all you do.

Always A Song and A Smile, 

Daniel Henry 

I want to thank you for visiting our website.  It is exciting for us to see you here.  This is where the Jazz Standards and music of some of the greatest crooners of all time still live.  The music of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr. and many others.  Daniel Henry is proud to be a crooner and couldn't be more honored to sing the songs of these great artists

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