The Summer Wind

Which, we have had early in this late Spring Season. The weather has been wonderful. Flowers are planted and growing, roses are blooming and our summer oasis is ready.  Things are heating up! Weather and the calendar! Sounds good to me!

I will say this, our calendar is not at 120 performances as it was last year and of course, I will remind myself that close to 100 of those performances were cancelled. Thank you Covid, but now, it's the world's turn to make it's comeback. We are getting ready.

In the month of May, we had a performance along with an Ice Cream Social! The residents and the staff we so excited, it had been 16 months since we had been there to perform. Just before our Memorial Day weekend, we had a Spring Bash!! Also, a 17 month absencee however, the residents loved their evening! The food smelled delicious, bright spring colors, table linens and flowers!

We started the performance to honor our Veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice. There were some who lost a brother, a son, a spouse....a reminder to all of us that Freedom isn't free... The residents talked about the New Years Eve we were supposed to have with them...Maybe this year!!!

June normally is not a busy performance month due to weddings, graduations, Father's Day...however, nothing is normal we wait. We have a couple of bookings for June, let's wait and see how things come together.

We are vaccinated and many of our clients, their residents are vaccinated, which is leading us down the road of performing again.. Vaccination is an individual choice. Please stay healthy and we hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful summer! 

Always A Song and A Smile

Daniel Henry