Happy Spring!

I do apologize for not posting in quite sometime. However, as you know, there hasn't been much to post. Actually, we do not have much news to share at this point, however, I thought I would take a moment and say Hello!

Our website continues to be viewed, which is great! Thank you. 

Here is 2021 thus far...Well, Happy Spring, the sun is shining and everyone is healthy! We're off to a great start!

There is promise in the 2021 calendar. Activity Directors are being cautious, apprehensive and most importantly, optimistic! We work very closely with all of our clients.

January and February were silent, we watch, wait and listen. 

We did have one performance on the first day of Spring. Everyone was just so excited to see us. CDC guidelines, temperature checks, social distancing, all in motion. We thank our Lifestyle Directors for all they do.  Without a doubt 2020 and going into 2021 has been a very unpredictable journey.

We have one performance coming up in April and we are very much looking forward to seeing our friends. It has been 15 months since our last visit.

I am optimistic, however, also realistic in my opinion that we will not see much before the summer months. I cannot help but feel that outdoor performances this summer will be the beginning to hopefully a song filled 2021.  

I would say, although very slow, it seems that we are going in the right direction. As things pick up, I promise to blog more often and keep you informed. DHL Entertainment is alive and well!

Stay healthy, enjoy Springtime and let's all together continue to work towards a pandemic free world.

Always A Song and A Smile, 

Daniel Henry