Autumn has arrived!

We haven't posted in quite sometime. We hope everyone is staying healthy and practicing all CDC guidelines! We had a marvelous summer weather wise, However, now, there is a crispness in the air and the leaves are falling. 

There is not much to tell you, other than the majority of performances due to Covid have been cancelled. We had three in September, two were outdoor concerts. Both were beautiful days and the weather certainly cooperated. We just updated our October calendar, and we have one indoor performance that as of today will still take place.  

Speaking with many of our clients, there is not much optimism going into the rest of the year. Usually by this time, our calendar is booked for the following year. We will not be addressing bookings for 2021 until January and we will see what the Covid climate is at that time. February is usually jam packed with Valentine Day celebrations.

For so many, It is going to take time to recover from the impact  due to Covid. We miss all of our senior friends and their families. We have lost many since March and didn't get to see them and hug them one last time. This makes us so very sad.

Please stay healthy and be cautious in all you do.

Always A Song and A Smile, 

Daniel Henry