It's Summer

We hope everyone is enjoying our gorgeous weather. We have had a fairly quiet year. A few bookings, private parties, which are always a great time.

Many performers began their year as we did. A bit apprehenvise, not knowing the Covid Climate and they seem to be in the same place as we are. Things have been quiet, very quiet, almost surreal to be frank. Where did everyone go???

We don't quite understand the climate right now. We have spoken with other performers and Lifestyle directors who have moved onto other paths, it seems that our senior centers have greatly reduced their budgets and bookings for many are very slim. We're happy that we're not alone on this island. A drastic turn from years past.

At this time, the only good news we have to share is we have three dates booked for The Rochester Fringe Festival. More information to come!  

We are leaning towards advertising for private parties. What do you think? Let's open up for discussion! The parties we book at this time are from folks who have witnessed a performance at our senior centers and in years past, The Fringe. Seniors just love this music and we love sharing it. I am also looking to establish a group of live musicians in order to perform at small venues, restaurants and possibly be ready for festivals in 2023. Just some thoughts we are having. 

My philosphy for the day is: everything happens for a reason, as our journey slows down on this road, turns will come and possibly open a wider path for us. We keep moving along. My only advice is to always advocate for your senior family members and friends. They deserve to have a joyful and happy life!


Always A Song and A Smile

Daniel Henry

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