A New Year Is Upon Us

I was hoping to blog prior to the holiday season, well, that did not happen. December has been extremely busy month as we close our year with 42 performances. With the Covid climate and the challenges to all of our clients and Lifestyle Directors, we certainly consider this a huge success and we thank you!

The fourth quarter of the year was the majority of our performances. It seemed somewhat normal.

The Rochester Fringe Festival was a huge success for us, with three performances booked. Many new faces and quite a few familiar faces of guests who return year after year. This truly humbles me and I very much enjoy creating a new show every year for the Fringe Fest. This year, I recreated Frank Sinatra's last concert as he performed at our very own Rochester War Memorial. We thank Java's Cafe for the compliment of "I have become a tradition"! Thank you Java's, we look forward to returning for the Fringe in 2022! 

Our Holiday Season included a Christmas Celebration at Heathwood Assisted Living and we will be closing 2021 with A New Year's Eve Gala at Ferris Hills in Canandaigua. A two hour concert including a few Broadway tunes. 

At this time, we would like to thank our clients who have effortlessly managed to bring music to their residents. The Villages at Mill Landing, Heather Heights, Chapel Oaks, The Legacy at Erie Station, Fleming Point, Solstice Senior Living, The Legacy at Parklands, Heathwood Assisted Living, Java's Cafe, The Legacy at Clover Blossom, Greece Atria, The Legacy at Fairways, Crimson Ridge Assisted Living, St John's at Briarwood, The Hilton Parma Senior Center, Elder Care of Greece. College Green Apartments, The Legacy at Park Crescent, Ferris Hills of Canandaigua. 

As the Covid Climate continues, we have decided to take the winter months off and return after April 1st. We hope 2022 begins to take the turn and return to normal for everyone. 

We hope you have enjoyed the Holiday Season and we wish you A Very Happy New Year.

Always A Song and A Smile, 

Daniel Henry