Thoughts of the day

Had a great show yesterday at the Legacy Park Crescent.  We ran a little long as we added some things on the fly and it was a lesson learned as the seniors got a little restless.  Learned that one of my favorite people and a big fan was in the hospital so he wasn't at the show.  I was disappointed for sure as he ad asked me to learn a song which I prepared and he wasn't there to hear it.  I'm pack there in a few weeks so we will get him to hear it then.

I'm looking for ways to get out in public more.  Somewhere where maybe the right person will be there to notice me.  Spoke with the owner of the Braddock Bay Tavern and Grill on Saturday night and there is a good possibility that you may be seeing me there during dinner hours soon.  A 6 to 9 pm show on a Saturday.  We will keep you posted for sure.

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