A short note! Here we are in the month of June! The summer winds are blowing!  A great second quarter to 2018! We thank you for your continued support!. We have gained three additional clients, bringing our new client total for 2018 to six! We have also had some private parties!  We have already surpassed our total bookings for 2017! Please check our listing on this webpage for upcoming performances.

Please mark your calendars accordingly! DHL Entertainment is honored to be performing once again at The Rochester Fringe Fest. Our show dates are September 12th at 7PM and September 17th at 6PM. Java's Cafe on Gibbs Street is the place to be! We hope to see you there! It has been wonderful to see returning patrons over the last three years. I am humbled that you think so highly of my performances, that you have returned year after year.  Thus far, The Rochester Fringe Fest 2018 will be my only public appearance. Please come and join us, sing along and share a smile!

We hope everyone enjoys their summer! 


A Song and A Smile









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