A reflection of the past few months

WOW, this endeavor has taken off like I never imagined it would.  The summer was wonderful with the Italian Festival and then the fall with the Fringe Festival.  What a blast that was.  3 shows at Java's Cafe that went so well.  Great crowds and a great reception. People that saw me perform in 2015 at the Fringe specifically came to my show this year because they enjoyed the show the year before.  That always makes me feel good when people come back because they enjoyed you the 1st time around.

The other half of this partnership (the most important half I will add), my wife has been keeping me busy.  She has me working like a dog.  By the end of this year we will have done approximately 75 gigs this year and she already has us scheduled for over 50 gigs next year.   It truly blows me away to think how this has exploded.

I do so enjoy doing this.  Yes I do like the public appearances, things like the Italian Festival or the Fringe.  At these venues I can introduce myself to audiences that may have heard very little if any of the music I sing.  When I can get a young person to enjoy the music it just makes my day.  During the Fringe I had a few young people (college aged) come up to me after the show and tell me how much they loved the music and that just made me feel good.  Then when one young man told me that he has only ever heard a voice like mine in the movies that just made my night.  He was from the School of the Arts and was 18 and he played the drums and sang and danced.  Truly a moment that I will cherish.

But my most favorite moments when doing this business is when the seniors that I sing for come up after the show and they tell me all about the memories that a certain song that I had just sung gives them.  They tell me wonderful personal stories and they let me into their lives.  I've touched their sole and now they have touched mine and I cherish those moments more that I can express.  I have gained a new friend.

So 2017 is looking busy and rewarding so stay tuned.